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Expertise in masonry services

Rénovation Smith is specialized in brick wall restoration in Montreal, Laval and on the North Shore. Keep your buildings in excellent shape with regular maintenance; this will prevent weather damage and other kinds of deterioration. You can trust our expertise to realize all your masonry projects. Our qualified team of professionals will answer your needs in bricklaying, stone laying, brick repointing, and in a whole variety of renovation areas such as roofing and foundation. Our work will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible with quality being our top priority
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Expertise in masonry services
Our previous projects, restauration de briques

Our previous projects

Please visit our photo gallery to see some of our previous projects. There you will find examples of our achievements in brickwork and masonry, wall repair, sheathing and roofing services. You will be able to see our results in strengthening and safeguarding constructions, while keeping with the spirit of architectural aesthetics.

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